"Volunteering can offer the chance to give something back to the community."


There are many ways to make a difference whether it's helping with organising an initiative, joining one of our activities, or simply lending a hand where needed.

By volunteering you can gain additional skills, have positive experiences, make an impact to others lives and contribute to society, as well as improving your mental and physical health.

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"There are so many different volunteer roles 

available to provide support to your community."


We are currently looking for donations & funding so we can continue to provide much needed help. We are looking to replace the vandalised greenhouse on our community plot, as well as purchasing materials for our Mere Green Planters project.

Information on how to donate to our 'Just Giving' page, and the volunteer roles available is below:


We are always ready to welcome anybody who wants to help, learn or socialise with us. To join our team of volunteers, please complete the following information:


*communications for new events, activities, meetings & more will be sent based on your preferred interests.

We hold an Annual General Meeting each year to discuss and summarise the events and happenings within the group and local areas from the past year, as well as the future plans for the coming year.

During this meeting we also decide on whether or not the committee will continue as it is, or if anyone would like to join. If you are interested and feel you can add some positivity to the group get in touch.


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